What begins as concern for a college student from China who starts missing classes takes a more sinister turn when the body of another young Asian woman is found in a shipping crate heading overseas. Reluctant sleuths Malcom and Vinn uncover a baffling set of clues as they race around Chicago’s Chinatown trying to find the student before she meets a similar fate, along the way enlisting the help of a crossdressing businessman, an elderly faux Cuban cook, an overeager journalism student, a government source hiding behind a Vladimir Putin mask, and a posse of eccentric misfits. Their actions draw the attention of the local triad, putting a target on their own backs before a final confrontation in a most unexpected place. 

Praise for Connubial Corpse

“The interplay between Malcom and Vinn is
reminiscentof Dashiell Hammett’s
Nick and Nora Charles from his
Thin Man series…the story is excellent…”

BENJAMIN WELTON for IndieReader.com

“…A gripping plot that grabbed my attention
instantly. I thought the story was filled with
some of the most extraordinary characters
I have ever come across.”

–LESLEY JONES for Readers’ Favorite

“In this second book of the Malcolm
Winters Mystery series, The Connubial Corpse,
Thomas J. Thorson has penned plenty
of breathtaking, as well as humorous,
moments. An entertaining read!”

–DEBORAH LLOYD for Readers’ Favorite

Praise for Heirs Apparent

The Bottom Line: One of the year’s best thrillers. Fans of Matthew FitzSimmons will love Thorson’s meticulous, deliberate style.

MISHKA RAO at BestThrillers.com

A journey of love and death Malcom Winters, alias for the initially unnamed narrator of Heirs Apparent, by Thomas J. Thorson, escorts the reader on a journey.

–JANE CAIRNS at Book Reviews & Literary Musings

Clever, suspenseful, and full of intrigue…
A tense cat and mouse game.…” Set in Chicago,
Thorson’s ingeniously plotted latest featuring Malcom Winters finds the latter on the trail of a notorious killer after a cryptic message written in blood points to a sinister motive tied to a century-old secret.

–The Prairies Book Review

The Connubial Corpse is also available in ebook and soon audio format. More info to come!