What begins as concern for a college student from China who starts missing classes takes a more sinister turn when the body of another young Asian woman is found in a shipping crate heading overseas. Reluctant sleuths Malcom and Vinn uncover a baffling set of clues as they race around Chicago’s Chinatown trying to find the student before she meets a similar fate, along the way enlisting the help of a crossdressing businessman, an elderly faux Cuban cook, an overeager journalism student, a government source hiding behind a Vladimir Putin mask, and a posse of eccentric misfits. Their actions draw the attention of the local triad, putting a target on their own backs before a final confrontation in a most unexpected place. 

Praise for Heirs Apparent

The Bottom Line: One of the year’s best thrillers. Fans of Matthew FitzSimmons will love Thorson’s meticulous, deliberate style.

MISHKA RAO at BestThrillers.com

A journey of love and death Malcom Winters, alias for the initially unnamed narrator of Heirs Apparent, by Thomas J. Thorson, escorts the reader on a journey.

–JANE CAIRNS at Book Reviews & Literary Musings

Clever, suspenseful, and full of intrigue…
A tense cat and mouse game.…” Set in Chicago,
Thorson’s ingeniously plotted latest featuring Malcom Winters finds the latter on the trail of a notorious killer after a cryptic message written in blood points to a sinister motive tied to a century-old secret.

–The Prairies Book Review

The Connubial Corpse will also available in ebook format. More info coming soon!