Thomas Thorson has had a special love of mystery novels and crime fiction since an early age, sneaking in post-bedtime reading of Sherlock Holmes and Nero Wolfe stories by flashlight under the covers at night. Now, a full adulthood and thousands of mysteries later, he is proud to make his own modest contribution to the genre in Heirs Apparent, the first in a series of novels focused on reluctant sleuth Malcom Winters.



Starting with only a cryptic message about an event from a century ago written in the blood of the woman he loved, Malcom Winters races around Chicago piecing together increasingly baffling parts of the puzzle in an effort to solve the crime and gain his vengeance. Together with the help of a brilliant and beautiful science professor, a gruff chef who claims to be in witness protection for trying to assassinate Fidel Castro, and a crossdressing businessman, he uncovers a bizarre murder spree and draws the attention of the killer to himself and those few people he holds dear.

Heirs Apparent, 2020

Heirs Apparent will be published in the Spring of 2020 through Austin Macauley Publishers™ in trade paper and hard cover format.


Serendipity, 2018

Each chapter of “Serendipity” sets a pivotal event in its historical context and raises the question of how chance may have changed our world on both a global and personal level in this fascinating mix of significant events and pop culture.


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The Bottom Line: One of the year’s best thrillers. Fans of Matthew FitzSimmons will love Thorson’s meticulous, deliberate style.


–Mishka Rao at BestThrillers.com



A journey of love and death

Malcom Winters, alias for the initially unnamed narrator of Heirs Apparent, by Thomas J. Thorson, escorts the reader on a journey.


–Jane Cairns – book reviews and literary musings



Clever, suspenseful, and full of intrigue…
A tense cat and mouse game.

Set in Chicago, Thorson’s ingeniously plotted latest featuring Malcom Winters finds the latter on the trail of a notorious killer after a cryptic message written in blood points to a sinister motive tied to a century-old secret.


–The Prairies Book Review