Cosmic Killings, 2021

Reluctant sleuths Mal and Vinn are again coerced into investigating a death, this time of an Amish teenager found murdered at a zoo in Chicago. Navigating the unfamiliar world of the Amish proves difficult for the two outsiders. On the verge of giving up, the murder of a young suburban man with no apparent link to the teenager is connected by a singularly bizarre and grisly detail and spurns them on.

Connubial Corpse, 2021

The next book after Heirs Apparent, The Connubial Corpse continues the Malcom Winters mystery series. Focusing on Malcom and Vinn, college professors and sometimes lovers, this novel sends us reeling into the seedy underbelly of Chicago’s China Town. When a student disappears from Vinn’s class, and a woman of similar descent appears dead and dressed as a traditional Asian bride, the pair jumps reluctantly into an investigation. Along the way, a small cast of fellow amateur sleuths joins Malcom and Vinn to find out the truth of what is going on with this case.

Heirs Apparent, 2020

Heirs Apparent is the first in series for the Malcom Winters mystery series. Published in the Spring of 2020 through Austin Macauley Publishers™ in trade paper and hard cover format..

Serendipity, 2018

Each chapter of “Serendipity” sets a pivotal event in its historical context and raises the question of how chance may have changed our world on both a global and personal level in this fascinating mix of significant events and pop culture.